Sunday, January 14, 2018

USA Citizenship Test Study Resources

Yes, there is class this week.

Dictation Practice, Drag and Drop or Type  
Word list for the writing test
Some sentences used for dictation in past interviews 

Word list for the reading test
Reading test sample sentences with audio (DON'T click "START NOW")
(VIDEO) Reading Test Vocabulary and Practice Sentences

SPEAKING TEST (questions about info on the N-400 application)
USCIS Interview Commands Test with Pictures
USCIS Interview Vocabulary Test 1
USCIS Interview Vocabulary Test 2
(VIDEO) N-400 interview questions with answers #1
(VIDEO) N-400 interview questions without answers

CIVICS TEST (100 questions)
List of the 100 questions with audio
The 100 questions with answers, audio only (Good practice!)
Multiple-choice civics tests with 20 random questions
(VIDEO) 100 Questions in order with answers   
(VIDEO) 100 questions with Chinese translation
(VIDEO) 100 questions with Spanish translation
(VIDEO) 100 questions in random order with answers
(VIDEO) 20 questions for people over 65 years old 

CIVICS EXTRA INFORMATION (more than you need for the test)
(VIDEO) Three Branches of Government
(VIDEO) the Bill of Rights 
(VIDEO) History and explanation of the President's cabinet
More detailed explanations of the answers to the 100 questions
(VIDEO) The History of Colonial America 

What to expect at your Interview
(VIDEO) USCIS Naturalization Interview and Test Overview
(VIDEO) USCIS Naturalization Interview and Test Overview, Spanish subtitles
(VIDEO) Long video of all parts of the citizenship interview
How the reading, writing, English, and civics tests are scored. 
Should you bring a lawyer to your interview? Lawyer's opinions.

(VIDEO) USCIS overview of the whole process of becoming a citizen
Good advice about filling out your N-400 application
5 mistakes to avoid when applying for citizenship
How to read a green card
Find your House Representative by ZIP Code